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Salusbury Harding & Barlow

Dispute Resolution

Very few people want to get to the point in a dispute where legal advice is required.  However, if you are at that point then you need a sympathetic, professional and experienced solicitor who can give you a balanced, clear and backed up view on the particular dispute you are involved in.

At SHB Solicitors we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients work with experienced solicitors who specialise in specific areas of law.  Within our dispute resolution department we advise and represent clients across a wide range of matters that fall within the type of disputes often dealt with in the County Court and / or High Court.  


We are particularly experienced in the following areas;-


  • Statutory Demands/Bankruptcy and Winding Up Petitions

  • Building disputes

  • Contractual disputes

  • Disputes concerning the ownership of property

  • Inheritance and Probate disputes and disputes about the validity of a Will

  • Neighbour and boundary disputes

  • Possession claims (Landlord and Tenant and Mortgage Possession cases)

  • Recovery of debts / making arrangements with creditors

  • Sale of Goods disputes


Should you have need of our services rest assured that you will meet with and receive counsel from one of our dedicated and experienced dispute resolution solicitors.


“Our position was readily understood and appreciated.  Wherever one solicitor felt other expertise would add to the overall general advice there was easy access to that additional information.  Much appreciated.”

Andrew Whitfield


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