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Notary Public

For as long as anyone can remember we have always had a Notary Public as part of our firm. 


Our current Notary Public Steven McCallister.


When acting as a Notary Public Steven is required by regulations to separate such work from the services provided by the firm as Solicitors. However, appointments to see him in his capacity as a Notary Public can be arranged through our normal points of contact.


The nature of notarial work is such that matters often have to be dealt with on an urgent basis. Accordingly, Steven will aim to deal with enquiries as soon as possible, and if he is not available to deal with them then enquiries can be passed to another Notary Public.

As a Notary Public, Steven offers appointments either at his office here at SHB Solicitors or at a place to suit the client – at their home or business premises throughout Leicester/shire and sometimes beyond the County.

Clients will often ask “What is a Notary Public?”  There are many and often very long definitions, but a simple definition is that a Notary Public is an internationally recognised legal officer who can authenticate signatures, documents and facts with such authentication being relied upon abroad.

Examples of documents authenticated by Notaries include Powers of Attorney necessary for foreign property transactions, Affidavits for use in foreign Court proceedings and Sponsorship Declarations in support of immigration applications.

If you make an appointment to see Steven then it will be necessary when making that appointment, or on a separate occasion prior to the appointment, to discuss with him or his secretary (normally on the telephone or by e-mail) what you will need to bring to the appointment. At the same time a discussion regarding fees charged by Steven for the service of Notary Public will take place.

For further information please email Steven or visit


“Approachable, efficient, understanding.”

Steven McCallister

STEVEN McCALLISTER BA (Hons) Notary Public

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